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1973 Alfa Romeo GTV – Sean Lowry

1973 Alfa Romeo GTV – Sean Lowry

Featured Car for May 30, 2024

Owned by Sean Lowry, London, Ontario

Sean has owned his Alfa Romeo GTV for 13 years. Prior to that it was registered in Toronto since at least 1978. He bought it in Hamilton in very well-used condition.

This is a European model imported to Canada specifically for the Canadian market. It has a very rare cloth interior and air conditioning, and has a 5-speed manual gearbox. While US cars received fuel injection, Canadian models were equipped with a carburetor, which is seen today as more desirable in the collector community.

Sean spent 8 years restoring the car, completely disassembling and restoring everything. Except for the paintwork, Sean performed all of the work himself, which included extensive body and structure metalwork, rebuilt engine, transmission and rear end, and all new electrical harness. The interior, however, was in excellent condition and is original to the car. The body panels, sourced from the UK, were remanufactured from the original Alfa Romeo tooling.

Sean finished the restoration 2 years ago, so this is its second summer on the road. He says that it is lots of fun to drive around because it is very light and handles well.