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1951 Chevrolet Suburban – Cam Willis

1951 Chevrolet Suburban – Cam Willis

Featured Car for May 23, 2024

Owned by Cam Willis, London, Ontario

This truck was built in 1951 for the US Air Force and the identification plate on the engine bay firewall attests to this. It was used to transport B52 bomber crews back and forth between the planes and the crew barracks during the Cold War to keep the Air Force ready to repel a Soviet invasion that might have come across the Arctic.

Cam bought this Suburban 13 years ago in South Dakota, in very poor shape. He has restored this car twice – the first time was a “primitive” restoration while the second was done right. It now has a Hitman hot rod chassis underneath with a 6.2 litre crate engine, new transmission, independent suspension, power steering, power brakes, stereo and A/C which has transformed the car into a very comfortable daily driver and cruiser. It took Cam six years to do the 2nd restoration and he says, “now it’s finished and it runs beautifully.”